handmade pasta with grandma gnocchi naples

Fun, easy and fast to do, but especially delicious.
Try making this recipe of Grandma Tina directly at your house!

Recipe for 2 people


300 grams of potatoes
150 g flour type 00
salt (a pinch)

Steps to make the dough

Put the water in a pot with the potatoes, bring the potatoes to a boil for 30 minutes, to check if they are cooked, put a fork in the larger potato, if it enters easily the potatoes are cooked.
The cooking time is usually about 30 minutes.

Drain the potatoes and peel them when they are warm, then crush them in the potato masher or with a simple fork.

Pour the flour on the table and making it take the form of a mountain, form a hole in the center large enough to accommodate the crushed potatoes, add a pinch of salt to the dough.
Mix everything gently so that the dough does not become compact and homogeneous.

Cut a small piece of the dough and spread it out using the fingertips, until it takes the form of a snake.
Cut into 1 or 2 cm pieces until the dough is finished.

handmade pasta with grandma gnocchi dough

Be very careful not to forget to sprinkle the flour on the gnocchi from time to time so as not to make them stick, and remember that the work plan must always be dry, otherwise the gnocchi will stick.

You got gnocchi now, but the sauce?

Recipe for sauce for 2 people

2 spoons extra virgin olive oil
a little piece of onion
500 ml fresh tomato puree
4 leaves of basil
salt q.b.

Steps to make the sauce

Pour the oil into the pot, add the onion and let it fry for a few minutes.

preparation sauce gnocchi

Then add the fresh tomato puree, salt and basil.
Cook for 30 minutes.

sauce for gnocchi

If you don’t like to taste the onion too much, you can remove it before pouring the fresh tomato puree.

Last step to make gnocchi with sauce!

Take a big pot and fill it with water, bringing it to a boil.

When the water boils pour the gnocchi and a pinch of salt into the pot.
As soon as the gnocchi float, remove them immediately from the pot using a skimming ladle, so as not to crush them.

Pour the sauce into the seasoned gnocchi with mozzarella cut into small pieces , grated Parmesan Reggiano and whole fresh basil leaves.

You made a great dish!