pasta dough

Ingredients for 1 person:

  • 4 oz flour
  • 1 big egg

…and that’s it!


Put all your flour on your wood surface, making a mountain.

Open the flour mountain, making like a big volcano. The hole has to be big enough to contain the egg.

Crack the egg in the bowl and smell it: if it smells good you can put it in the flour.

We do this procedure for each egg, in this way we are sure to not lose the rest of the ingredients if one egg is bad.

Start to mix the egg first, the same way to make a scrambled eggThen, add more and more flour, starting from the centre and pushing more and more flour inside.

As you notice that the consistency starts to change you can leave the fork and go with your hands. To avoid that all the egg will stick on your hands try to push the flour in the centre first.

The flour and the egg should start to create a solid dough.

Keep working on it, trying to have the same consistency inside and outside.

You have to press and roll your dough at the same time. Add some flour if it keeps sticking.

The goal is to have a soft and elastic dough, but not sticky.

The dough should be worked for 30 minutes. A secret to check if it’s ready is to press with a finger on it: your fingerprint should disappear in a few seconds.

The surface should be very smooth.

Let the dough rest wrapping it in a cotton towel. In a few minutes, it will be ready to be worked!