handmade pasta with grandma sant angelo romano agnolotti

Ingredients for 1 person:

•1.4 ounces of ground beef
•1.4 ounces of ground pig beef
•¼ glass of red wine
•1 spoon of butter
•1 spoon of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
•herbs (celery, carrots, onion)
•olive oil
•salt and pepper q.s.
•nutmeg (a pinch)

First put the onion inside a pan, let it brown by adding a little bit of oil, then, add the herbs and the ground beef, salt it and let it cook at low temperature for 15 minutes.

If needed, add water. Also, simmer with red wine until reduced.

Let it cool down, after that, mix everything together by using a mixer. Blend everything in a rough way and in the end, add Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated nutmeg, butter, and salt and pepper if wanted, (not strictly necessary, your choice).

The tomato sauce

Look at grandma making the sauce.

The Pasta

Ingredients for 1 person

•1 egg;
•3.5 ounces of flower.

First, prepare your dough (you can find the link on the website regarding the recipe of the dough) and let it sleep.

In this case, I suggest you use the “Nonna Papera” to roll out the pasta. Use the equivalent of half egg at the time, spread out your pasta stripes possibly, trying to give them a regular shape (not too short, if you can).

Reach the thickness indicated on the machine (number 5). Let it sleep upon a cloth.

After having rolled out the pasta, let’s work with it. You will use your spoon to place the stuffing inside the stripe of pasta previously rolled (make sure you leave 2 fingers of space between each of them). Fold the stripe with the stuffing inside. Make sure they are tight and well closed. Then, by using a punch, shape it in a semicircular way. Let them rest upon a tray with a cotton cloth on top of it (as you can see in the picture below 👇🏻).


Take a big pot and fill it with hot water, when you notice that the water is boiling, put some salt, wait until the water boils. Drop the Agnolotti inside the pot, let them cook. Eventually when they are floating, you can drain them.

We are almost there! Use a container to drop them inside it, then put the tomato sauce on top, add a little bit of basil just to give it the smell and you are ready to eat!

Buon appetito!!!