Project Description

handmade pasta with grandma sant angelo romano


  • Sant’Angelo Romano (Roma)

  • 4 h

  • 1 esperienza culinaria
    1 culinary experience

  • Lingue: Italiano, English

  • €81,00 adulti | €35,00 bambini
    €81,00 adult  | €35,00 children

Benvenuti! Welcome everyone! I’m Valerio, and together with my brother Federico, we will be honored to let you experience a memorable day in our land, Sant’Angelo Romano, a village situated near Rome dated 1350.
We can’t wait to share with you the culinary secrets of Nonna Giuseppina, her origins and cooking recipes, trying to keep alive an ancient technique that is slowly disappearing.

Are you celiac or do you just want to learn how to make pasta in a gluten free way? Don’t worry!!! There will be a special dough for you.

It will be exciting to discover the features that characterize our Italian family!!

Not only making pasta, you will also relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere of our villa by sipping original Italian wine and tasting fresh and local products.

I want to stress that both my mum and my Nonna have a twenty-year experience dealing with gluten free pasta and bread making, since my mother suffers from celiac disease. They are extremely accurate about it. So don’t worry about it, you will taste a great Italian pasta in both cases!