Project Description

handmade pasta with grandma gnocchi


  • Aversa (Napoli)

  • 4,5 h

  • 1 esperienza culinaria
    1 culinary experience

  • Lingue: Italiano, English

  • €60,00 adulti | €30,00 bambini
    €60,00 adult  | €30,00 children

Hi everybody, I am grandma Tina!
I was born in 1939.
I am a mother of 7 wonderful children and a grandma of 22 even more wonderful grandchildren.
I was lucky to have my husband next to me for 50 beautiful years. We were not a rich family, things were not so easy, but we were together and we were happy.
I use to feed all of my big family with fresh handmade pasta, of course!

My grandchild will meet you in the central station of Naples and together you will travel to our small village called Aversa. We will finally meet and we will start to cook our meal: two different kinds of local pasta (Ravioli and Gnocchi) and a tomato sauce.
I will show you how one egg and 100 grams of flour will turn into a masterpiece!
You will be part of my crazy noisy lovely family for one day. I will share with you my memories and will let you taste a little bit of a world that is slowly disappearing.
Welcome in Nonna’s home!